Karim Pradhan


Im 15 Years old right now. In my life many things happend, that left me living with my brother, thankfuly he's at an age were he can be my gardian and my friend. When we were kids we had a PsP, as we grew up my brother started advancing his game collection, present day he owns 2 Ps4's, one he gave to me, the other he kept for himself. So I've grown to be a gamer from childhood. My brother only played First Person Shooters, so him and I got good at them. Other things from my past effect me till this day, such as getting my parrot. I gave him a weird name, for the fact he cost a lot i named him Dollar, aperently my fsamily liked the name for him, he entered my life as a curious bird later becoming too fat, making him unable to fly long distances. At least he cant accedently fly out the window, or something like that.
This is My older Brother